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Example of a sketch


Example of a colored sketch

Color Sketch

Example of a lined piece


Example of a lineless piece


Example of a background


Headshot* $20.00
Fullbody* $35.00
Badge* $30.00
Sketch +$0.00
Color Sketch +$10.00
Lined +$30.00
Lineless +$45.00
Refsheet $65.00
Stickers Coming soon
*Background and / or additional characters extra
Various payment forms accepted!


#1 Crinklered - Experimental Sketch

Commission Request Form


A background with any level of detail outside of a flat color.
Progress will not be shared on Trello, will not uploaded without permission.

*Estimated totals refer to base prices. Additional characters, backgrounds, and or complexity may be extra!
Final total will be discussed over your preferred correspondance option.

If you have not yet done so, please look over my Content Policy and Terms of Service!

About ADWorks

Willoughby Hello there! My name is Willoughby! This is my side account for my more...alternative art! In my personal life, I am an ABDL. I'm an self-trained (but not potty trained) artist, trying to learn and do more every day!

This alternate account is meant to highlight my NSFW / Kink art, as I like to separate it away from my regular SFW art. It's also personal, being an ABDL is like a lifestyle to me, and I use it to explore my feelings and express myself. Despite this, I still conduct myself as professionally as I can, just...ignore the rustling...

I specialize in portrait work, but I love a good challenge! I am very thankful for the people who support me and the work I create, and I hope to become a great artist! I love talking to and meeting new folks, though my typical waking hours are different from what most may be used to!

Pronouns: He/Him
Species: Sable Mask Ferret
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Fun
Programs: Krita, Paint Tool Sai 2
Favorite Diaper: ABU Spaces


12 AM
6 AM
12 AM
6 AM
12 AM
6 AM
12 AM
6 AM
12 AM
6 AM
All times are in East Coast US

Upcoming Events

Anthrocon 2024 - Artist Alley: Row B, Table 16
Furpocalypse 2024 - TBD

Content Policy

  1. I. What art do I offer?

    • I offer sketch work, as well as a lined or lineless cel shaded style.
    • I specialize in anthro (furry) character work and scenery work.
    • The detailing I offer is flexible should you want something specific. I am partially colorblind and remain faithful to colors from reference unless absolutely necessary.

    Content descriptions
    Headshot: Done on a 4000x4000 pixel canvas, final product comes with 4000, 1024, 512 & 100 scaled versions.
    Fullbody: Done on a 4000x4000 pixel canvas that is later trimmed down to better frame the final product.
    Badge: Done on a 1500x2100 pixel (5x7 inches at 300 pixels per inch) and printed on high-quality cardstock.
  2. II. Themes I like to draw, SFW or NSFW

    • Character work
    • Scenery
    • Plushies
    • AB/DL
    • Fatfur* including inflation, pregnancy, etc
    • Candy Gore

    Additional notice
    I am unable to draw NSFW/Kink work as gift art unless it can be proven without a doubt that the recipient(s) are comfortable with the topic in mind, or if said recipient(s) personally give consent to it.
  3. III. Themes I will not draw, SFW or NSFW, under any circumstances

    • Content containing minors in adult situations.
    • Content involving implied or deliberate lack of consent, such as rape, manipulation, hypnosis and so on.*
    • Content involving bodily fluids / waste other than urine or semen.*
    • Content involving hate groups or other harmful organizations.
    • Content meant to abuse, harm, slander, or otherwise attack marginalized groups or individuals.
    • Fetish content of an person's fursona other than the commissioner must have consent to be drawn in that particular theme.

    Additional notice
    My place is not to judge what consenting adults enjoy, however my aversion to the two categories noted is due to personal anxieties. No ill-will intended.

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to the following terms.

    • Please conduct yourself politely and as clearly as possible.
    • Please be as detailed as possible when discussing commissions, and do not be afraid to ask questions!
    • You may be quoted higher than normal based on complexity of character or background.
    • Harassment of me, fellow customers, or stream viewers will not be tolerated under any circumstances. It may lead to termination of future contact.
    • Chargebacks after work has been completed will result in termination of future services. I will fight the charge back to the fullest extent of my ability.
    • My art is not to be used as training data for AI models.

    Additional notice about communications
    When discussing commissions, unless otherwise specified, I officially communicate only via Twitter DM (@afterdarkworks) and via telegram (@WilloughbySW). Beware of potential imposters!

    • Payment must occur after the initial sketch is created and approved, though it may occur any time before that at the commissioner's request.
    • I accept most forms of payment, such as CashApp, Ko-fi, and so on.
    • You may be quoted higher than normal based on complexity of character(s) or background.

    • All commissions begin with an initial sketch and an overview of the piece in full. Payment is not typically requested until this stage is complete.
    • You may cancel the commission at any time before payment has been sent.
    • Progress reports can be given as often as the commissioner requests, as long as they are within reasonable intervals.
    • My goal is to finish work within 14 days of payment date, it may be longer or shorter based on circumstances which will be communicated as often as applicable.
    • In the final stage of work, edits / adjustments may be requested within reason.
    • Images are delivered in their full resolution. You are free to post to social-media as you wish, and with permission, I will do the same.
    • All public commissions are tracked via my Trello!

    • I strive to make my customers happy, and happily encourage "nitpicking", especially in the sketching stage.
    • Towards the end of a commission, only minor changes can be made. Issues due to miscommunication may not be easily fixed, please be as clear as possible with your details!
    • Major edits and or changes may incur an additional fee.

    My rights with your art

    • Unless otherwise noted in your commission application, I may publish your commission to my site and or personal art social media accounts.
    • In addition, I may use your art in self-promoting advertising material.

    Your rights with your art

    • You retain the right to personal usage of your art.
    • You do not retain the right to use your own in commercial material unless discussed prior.

    • I have the right to cancel and refund the money for your commission at any time.
    • Once payment has been sent in, you are unable to demand a cancellation or refund.
    • Chargebacks against me will lead to a permanent termination of all future services.